The most advanced technology HTC Vive Pro and powerful computers.
We have games of all genres to suit any taste, for children and adults!
Play unique games designed by PlayVR exclusively in our halls.
How it works
Can I play if I wear eyeglasses?
-Sure, you can. Eyeglasses do not affect the perception of virtual reality. And there is room for eyeglasses in the VR helmet.
    Is it sanitary?
    - Before each use, we disinfect all surfaces of glasses and controllers contacting with the skin. Besides, VR glasses are covered with artificial leather not to gather sweat around them.
    How many people can play at the same time?
    -We have 4 large game zones for one person playing in each. You can also share the game zone with your friend and play in turns. Between games, you take a rest in our lounge areas with cozy bean bags, sofas, and refreshing drinks!
    I have already tried virtual reality. Do you have anything new for me?
    - The difference between VR devices is night and day. A simple cardboard for a mobile phone and top-quality gaming glasses brings a totally different experience. Even if you've tried premium devices, it's worth visiting PlayVR. We have various games and apps that will impress you.
    What hardware do you use?
    -We use the latest HTC Vive Pro hardware and powerful gaming computers. Thanks to this, you will see the most realistic picture without any delays!
    Why choose PlayVR?
    -We do care about you. In PlayVR, you can try unique games and the best equipment, chill out with your friends, and relax in the cozy lounge areas.
    Can I play with a friend who is now in the next game zone?
    -Of course. You can play as a team of 2-4 people. Together or against each other, just as you wish.
    Can I have a quick game?
    Yes, we offer 10-minute sessions. If you like, you can prolong it anytime. And don't forget to call friends!
    Can I be sick when using virtual reality?
    -We do everything for your comfort. So we specifically select games that do not cause any sickness.
    Is it safe?
    - Before each game, the administrator provides training and is always next to you. You can relax and enjoy the game!
    I am not a computer player. Why should I try virtual reality?
    -VR is a new, unusual entertainment that has many more features than traditional computer games. In PlayVR, you can visit undiscovered places, create three-dimensional drawings, participate in interactive films, and try things you couldn't even imagine.
    What kind of games do you have?
    -We offer more than 50 games in any genre: action, adventure, horror, simulator, quest, and many others. We'll easily pick up the game for your taste.
    Who can try virtual reality?
    -Virtual reality suits absolutely everyone! It doesn't need much training or an understanding of the technology. Everyone will find his own exciting game or quest.
    What is a quest in virtual reality?
    -Briefly, a quest is a scenario in which you aim to get out of the room. In virtual reality, the task is the same. Only computer graphics replace the physical environment. Yep, the future is already here!
    What will a visit to PlayVR give me?
    -You will get new exceptional impressions, distract from routine, and have a great time with friends. And a remarkable bonus — mild cardio load.
    Opening Hours: 10:00 - 23:00
    Phone: +372-53-570-520
    Adress: Liivalaia 40, Tallinn, Estonia
    Company: Never Bored OÜ (12948218)
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