Gift Cards for Your Favorite Games
We have gift cards of various playtime and number of players. Choose a gift card you like and leave your request below. You can also buy a gift card in PlayVR Talinn location.
Gift Cards PlayVR Tallinn
1-Hour Team Play
Price: 85
Gift card expiration: 6 month
Play any of the PlayVR games and quests with your friends. It is also possible to choose any of 8 PlayVR packages. Up to 4 people at once. Everyone will find a game to their taste!
Virtual Reality Quest
Breathtaking adventure you can never experience in a usual quest. Share emotions with your friends — up to 4 people playing at a time.
Price: 80 €
Gift card expiration: 6 month
For a Couple
Plunge into the virtual world together. Playing as a team will bring you closer and give you unforgettable emotions. During 1 hour you can choose any games for two players.
Price: 55 €
Gift card expiration: 6 month
For one player
You can choose any game from the list that includes 50 games. Thrilling singleplayer woun't get you bored! Gift sertificate is for one person and duration of 1 hour.
Price: 30
Gift card expiration: 6 month
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